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Philandre Murchadh
"This way is more fun. Besides, this job has better benefits."
Phoenix Dawn


Delwyn (employer)
Kimiko (colleague)
Shashi (colleague)
Arianna (colleague)

Philandre was the unexpected third child of a Selkie merchant family -- his mother was in poor health and died shortly after he was born, despite any efforts at healing her. He didn't get along with his father at all, and had only a distant impression of his two older siblings. As a result, he left home as soon as he was able (liberating as much money as he could), and made his way to Hinoiri. He was able to buy a place in the military academy with the money and his small talent for magic. It was there that he was recruited to join the Fellowship of Starlight, an illegal organization that fought against the spirits, mostly by targeting calling mages, and using all sorts of unsavory methods. It was a good part of cronyism with Fellowship members in the military that caused him to rise so fast, in addition to the need for Hinode natives in military intelligence.


Philandre is an expert at masks. He keeps a number of layers between himself and the world, as a result of working intelligence and being part of an organization that could well get him executed if anyone found out about his membership. Outwardly, he pretends to be happy-go-lucky and rather flaky, with a rather large libido and a bit of a creepy side -- competent enough to keep his job, but not so competent to seem like a threat. Most of these traits are exaggerated -- Philandre is a man of strong emotions (though he usually does only let the positive ones through his mask). Philandre would rather you see a stereotype (either 'harmless flirt' or 'creepy-but-isolated sociopath') because it is either safer for him, or won't betray any of his fellows.

Philandre is a fanatic about his beliefs (the idea that every spirit and sprite on Hinode is out to keep the mortals in a state of ignorant servitude and all calling mages are either dupes or collaborators), and honestly thinks that anything he does in the name of them is for the greater good of all mortal life on Hinode and Hinoiri. He is also quite clever, which is why he pretends to be flaky. He has all the morals of a cat when it comes to his cause -- there's very little he won't do to advance it, and usually the reason he isn't doing it is more practical ('that would blow my cover') than moral ('hurting people is wrong').

Philandre is an extreme extrovert and is rather social, so most of his hobbies involve going out and being around people. He also enjoys theater. He is an exceptionally skilled spy when he wants to be, and has a good knowledge of tactics.


Philandre is a piss-poor elemental mage, but he does do a good light spell. As a selkie, he does have an alternate form, which he can access via a sealskin he normally keeps with him in his pack.

AGE: early 30s
HEIGHT: 6'6""
BUILD: Muscular
HAIR: Purple
EYES: Purple

FICTION: (pending)
COMIC: (here)

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